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Cell Membrane

Zoé McGibbon

Cell Membrane

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2.Protein that goes all they way through the membrane
5.A cell wtih a nucleus and organelles with membranes
7.Helps control membrane fluidity
11.A molecule used to store energy
15.Protein found in the membrane. This can carry certian molecules or ions through themembrane by active transport (2 Words)
17.This is made up of a fatty chain (lipid) and a Phosphate group
19.A foreign molecule that causes an immune response
20.a structure made up of two layers of Phospholipids
21.when molecules moving from an area of high oncentration to an area of low concentration
22.A system that protects the body from foreign molecules (2 Words)
1.the process of taking materials into the cell by surrounding it with part of the plasma membrane
3.This usually involves the use of transpost protien (2 Words)
4.The movement of water from a region of high water potential to a region of low water potential
6.Protein with carbohydrate molecules attached
8.Proes in the membrane contain protein letting certain molecules pass through (2 Words)
9.The degree of hotness or coldness
10.transports molecules across the membrane, or catalyze reactions
12.A Protein used for receptors or cell recignition but if on the inside they are for cell signalling or Chemical reactions
13.Hates water
14.ouside of the cell membrane
16.A Partially permeable barrier that lets certian substances through (2 Words)
18.Loves water

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