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Mr. Jack Stockwell


Read the obituary of John Kent Stockwell and answer the following questions about his life and family. This is truly what a "celebration of life" is all about. Yes, obits and funerals are sad, but this one I think is inspiring.

Answers longer than one word have a space between them. All answers are in word (letter) format - no numbers.

1                     2 3
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12               13          

1.He died at _____ _______ years old. (two words)
5.What does "passing from this world" really mean (noun of die)
8.He had ______ surviving children.
11._________ is another word for burial.
12.He loved an audience for his _______ ________ (two words)
15.Jack lived a _____ _____ (two words)
2.TLC stands for _____ _______ _______ (three words)
3.Jack started a ______ ________ and it became very successful. (two words)
4.To be born before your time
5.Charlene Anne was his __________.
6.He can be described as an __________.
7.To die with ______ was important to Jack and his family.
9.He was married for ____ ______ years to Eileen.
10.Where was Jack born?
13.To continue tradition and remember a person is their ______.
14.He had a collection of _____.

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