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Helene Szegedi

Basic HTML concepts.

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1.Hypertext Markup Language
6.Lists also called called bulleted lists
7.Tag containing information about the web page.
10.Function of <hr/>
12.Function of <i>
13.HTML elemnts ends with a ... tag.
15.Rules that must be followed to write proper code
18.Web site authoring tool specialised for writing HTML code
20.Function of <b>
21.Output of <h1> Reading </h1>
22.Looks as follows: < and />
2.Function of <br/>
3.HTML elements starts with a .... tag.
4.A program used to view web pages
5.Pages that make up the World Wide Web
8.Graphic or text that allow connection with other web pages
9.Collection of World Wide Web files
11.Opening tag containing the content of the web page
14.Lists also called numbered lists
16.Heading level of <h3>
17.Uniform Resource Locator, more commonly referred to as a domain name
19.Lists for things like word or concept definitions

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