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Ancient Rome

Cara Becker

a few key terms from our chapter on Ancient Rome.

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2.a leader who had complete power to make laws and control the army. only had control for 6 months.
4.a troop of 5000 soldiers
5.This group established colonies in southern Italy and Sicily and interacted with the early Romans.
7.translates to roman peace. For 201 years, there was peace in the Roman Empire.
9.a lower class citizen of Rome. A working class person who works with their hands and has little power compared to the patricians.
12.a high class citizen who is wealthy and owns a lot of land. Have most of the power.
13.Metal workers from northern Italy who were the influence on roman architecture that gave the Arch. They also contributed the gladiator matches.
14.This is one of two officials who shared the powers of ruling the republic and whose time in office was limited to one year.
1.a group of three leaders.
3.the first people of Rome, built wooden huts and were the derivative of the Latin language in Rome
6.literally means “public affairs”. A form of government where the power rests with the citizens who have the right to vote for their leaders.
7.the wars between Rome and Carthage
8.an irrigation system that brought water into cities.
10.a part of the republic government that has 300 men, both patricians and plebeians.
11.another part of the republic government that has 10 men, plebeians only.

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