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Cell Words

Eric Montes

Cell project

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1.the double layred sheet around the cell
6.organism who cell contains a nucleus
7.stores water,salts,protein
8.support and shape the cell. They also function as routes along which organelles can move
10.transform carbohydrates and lipids into protein
13.strong layer around the cell membrane that prtects the cell
15.uses energy from the sun
17.carbohydrates into protein
18.information of cell
19.granular material visible within the nucleus
2.transport system for molecules needed for certain changes and specific destinations
3.protein of the cell outside the nucleus
4.where RNA is translated into protein. This process is called protein
5.basic unit of life
9.process by extentions of cytoplasm engulf large particles
11.Most of the genetic material is kept
12.uses energy from food
13.organism who cells who do not contain nucleus
14.breaks down molecules
16.specialized structures within a cell that perform important cell functions

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