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The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  32       33              

1.The technique by which authors develop characters.
6.A style of haircut created by combing the sides of the hair back and fanning the top of the hair forward.
7.The outer part of a cell's cytoplasm; Fitzgerald is saying the painting is like an indeterminate "blob" on the wall.
8.To be very generous, kind, or forgiving.
10.A highly populated city in Pennsylvania; Gatsby's butler is generalizing the person on the phone, who is calling from this city.
11.Someone who produces and sells alcohol illegally.
13.A prolific American playwright, director, and producer known for the realism of his sets.
14.A character in the Roman work The Satyricon by Petronis who gained wealth and power through perseverance and hard work.
18.A fictional name of a boat.
19.A brand of French liqueur, named after the monastery where it was originally produced.
22.An indirect remark or gesture that carries some hint of impropriety.
23.The author of Tom's questionable reading material.
25.A period of two weeks.
30.An equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles; since Hitler's reign it has become representative of the Nazi party.
32.A two-seat car, traditionally without a roof, side, or rear windows.
34.I ignore my husband whenever possible... truly, I never would have married him had I known the truth.
35.Public announcements of marriage proposals, usually in a newspaper and church bulletin.
1.A fictional department store used by Gatsby.
2.In order to build suspense and made a story more interesting, writers will often use techniques such as this.
3.Is the emotional quality of the words that the author has chosen to use.
4.A private university in New Haven, Connecticut.
5.One who is trained and whose career is furthered by a person of influence or wealth.
7.I am the eyes that over look this Valley of Ashes.
9.It is a "haunting" feeling I get, even when surrounded by the masses.
10.A period of time in where not a drop of liquor could be legally obtained.
12.A series of popular stage shows from 1907 through 1931.
15.Initials elaborately stitched onto fabric.
16.A satirical piece of writing.
18.The central idea or message in a work of literature.
20.Is the creative use of objects, or symbols, to indicate a deeper meaning or to represent something important.
21.A legendary king whose touch turned everything to gold.
24.I love my wife... if only she loved me.
26.A prestigious university in Southeast England; Gatsby claims to have gone here!
27.I am the narrator of this tall tale!
28.A bar.
29.I see more going on then people give me credit for.
31.A defunct term for the telephone line.
33.A large room used for socializing.

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