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1 2
  3 4  
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    14             15   16

5.This is teh name for the period of violence that occurred after the French Revolution when 17,000 people were beheaded
6.Which ruler is most associated with: made Germany into Prussia, tolerant of religion, was an artist and poet
7.Which ruler is most associated with: Russia, using serfs to build cities, fought many wars
8.Which tool of execution was used during the French Revolution
10.Which "estate" in France consisted of aristocrats and land owners
11.Which ruler is most associated with: England, Glorious Revolution, Wanted to make England Catholic
12.This absolute ruler of Europe was not liked by French people
14.This absolute ruler of Europe was Catholic, very powerful, and arrested people who were not Catholic
17.This absolute ruler of Europe hated Jews, loved education, and gave Austrians rights
18.Which "estate" in France consisted of poor, merchants, and farmers
19.Which "estate" in France consisted of priests, clergy, Church people
1.This absolute ruler used slaves to build cities in land that he conquered in Russia
2.This was the name of the young wife of King Louis XVI who was executed by guillotine
3.This abolute ruler of Europe made Germany into Prussia and watched his friend be executed
4.This group were members of the 2nd Estate
9.Which king of France was beheaded during the French Revolution
10.For centuries, how was the quality of life determined in Europe/France
12.Which ruler is most associated with: France, being the Sun King, being hated by French people
13.How was status determined?
15.Which ruler is most associated with: Austria, loving education, hating Jews, having 16 kids
16.This absolute ruler of Europe was removed from power during the Glorious Revolution in England

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