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45         46  

1.Constant heavy chain domain is the example of _____
2.It is possible to have different AB causes with the smae:
5.one of the products of a pepsin cleavage
12.Glycoprotein glycosylated in Golgi and ____
17.Fluid movement most notably of lymph fluid from circulation to tissue
18.what is the function of IgE.
20.what kind of bond are held together in Ig.
21.what is most variable and has the most Ag contact.____
22.includes disulfide bonds and lost of proline residues for flexiblity
24.Carbohydrates associated w/ ____.
26.what is the structure of IgA
27.which Ig has no protective function.____
28.enzyme catalyzing conversion for superoxide radical
30.cleaves disulfide bonds
33.antigen binding fragment
34.intracellular vacuole containing ingested particulate material
39.MALT tissue in small intestine
40.only protein allowed in lymph fluid
43.different biological activities, further classification of Ab along the isotypes
44.group of serum and cell membrane proteins that interact with one another and with other molecule of innate and adaptive immunity to carry out key effector functions.
46.IgM have how many Fabs _______
47..Lots ___ for more flexibility.
48.Lots of _________ for disulfides.
1.cytokine that activates cytotoxic Tcell
3.what is the structure of IgE
4.Involved in polymerization of subunits of Ig.
6.what require genetic change in lymphocytes for specifity
7.what is the half life of IgM
8.Light chain have 2 form_________
9.what is the structure of IgM ______
10.made by different alleles in individuals, found in constant regions of HC or LC.
11.antigen presenting cell
13.This increase the chance of functional Ab being made. _______
14.secretes choleragon, binds to epithelial lining of gut, can cause dehydration.
15.what cause an decrease number of Fab binding Ag.
16.heavy chain and light chain have _____.
19.fixed macrophage in the liver
23.secreted proteins that regulate the intensity and duration of the immune response by exerting a variety of effects on lymphocytes.
25.proteolytic cleavage used on IgG
26.What comprise hypervariable region.
29.where the bacteria is digested
31.what has the shortest 1/2 life of in serum ______
32.agent of precipitation
35.Ab that have small AA difference but express no difference between binding
36.products of chemical precipitation
37.glycoprotein cytokines produced by certain cells that induce an antiviral state in other cells and also help to regulate immune response
38.Keratinocytes in epidermis produce
41.complex of genes encoding cell surface that are required for antigen presentation to T cells
42.a self molecule that attracts macrophages
45.Carbohydrates aid in associate with complement proteins for _.
46.IgM peak at how many days

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