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Words You Might Hear On A Sailing Ship

Alyssa Sheeds

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2.a weather situation with no wind and no seas
4.Travel of a radio wave from the origin to the ionosphere and back to earth
6.A waterway that has been dug, dredged or constructed to carry vessels.
9.a tidal current flowing away from shore.
10.A kitchen onboard a ship or boat.
12.above the deck; not on deck
15.To repair a mast with a fillet of wood.
17.stone, iron, gravel, lead, or such heavy materials, put in a ship's cargo hold, when she has either no cargo, or too little to bring her sufficiently low in the water.
19.A long vessel with a flat bottom used to carry freight on rivers.
22.To fill with water and sink
24.Fabric, plastic, or laminate air foils, that catch the wind and move the vessel forward
25.To go onto land
27.a nautical map
28.a fleet of warships
30.Used for measuring atmospheric pressure
32.A handle found on hatches and doors, that when turned, make the unit water tight
33.A surface that is a structural part of a ship. This is the part you stand on.
35.The main cabin in a small boat or yacht, where the crew live.
36.A very fast sailing ship that had multiple masts and a square rig.
38.An arc of extra material on the leech of a sail,
39.a cabin or saloon floor.
41.To change the course of a sailboat slightly
43.a measurement of wind speed.
44.the deeply rounded portion of a filled sail
46.the ability to float in a fluid
50.The tiller or wheel, and surrounding area
51.behind the vessel
52.seawater with a high salt content
53.The vertical blade at the stern of the boat that turns the boat
54.a seaman's call to attract attention; like "Hello"
55.The person on board a vessel who is in charge of the vessel and legally responsible for it and its occupants
1.to remove water from the boat
3.a student in training at a naval academy
4.To call a vessel
5.a sudden, short but violent, wind and rain storm
7.To assemble the sail, mast, and boom on a sailboard.
8.Debris that remains afloat or washes ashore, from a sinking ship
11.an object used to grip the ground under water.
13.To turn a boat over.
14.To move a vessel from land to water.
16.On a square rigged ship, the this is a gaff rigged fore-and-aft sail set from and aft of the aftmost mast.
18.A vessel with two or more mast.
20.To sail along very slowly when there appears to be no wind
21.Top corner of a triangular sail or the top edge of a square sail
22.Toward the bow to the boat
23.heavy timbers that form the main fore-and-aft structure of a wooden ship
26.A measurement relating to the depth of water, one of these equals 6 feet
27.all including term for a set of sails
29.capable of safely sailing at sea
31.A unit of wind or sailing speed, one nautical mile per hour is the same as 6,076 feet per hour, one nautical mile per hour.
32.a piling bound together off a wharf or beach, used in mooring or having navigational markers mounted on it.
34.A vertical fin down the centerline of the bottom of the hull.
37.A trip from one port to another.
40.1. a gulf or inlet of the sea-coast, 2. a large open area belowdecks on a ship, as in cargo area or sick area
42.A gentle westerly breeze.
45.A small open boat
46.to go onto a vessel
47.an officer of the highest rank and command in the fleet
48.A room on a deck or flat where passengers or crew stay.
49.A docking facility where you can also buy supplies

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