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some dude

for anatomy

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4.Articulation between cranial bones.
7.One of two specific protuberances of bones in the ankle.
9.a cavity within a cranial bone.
10.A broad, shallow depressed area.
15.One of two specific tuberosities located on the femur.
17.A long, thin projection, often with a rough surface.
18.A small, smooth articular surface.
19.A prominent ridge.
20.An opening through a bone.
1.A relatively large projection or prominent bump.
2.A projection that contacts an adjacent bone.
3.A long, tunnel-like foramen, usually a passage for notable nerves or blood vessels.
5.a short canal.
8.A projection near to a condyle but not part of the joint.
11.A relatively long, thin projection or bump.
12.The region where adjacent bones contact each other—a joint.
13.A large, rounded articular process.
14.A projection or bump with a roughened surface, generally smaller than a tuberosity.
16.A relatively small projection or bump.

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