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Motor of Mountain Development

Ginny Nucklos and Eve Kenney

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2.Motor development is considered ___________ because it follows a specific progression.
9.______ and walking independently are the goals of the preadapted period.
10.Individuals progress up the mountain at different rates thus the ________ ages for each stage are based on approximations.
11.The mountain represents a _________ of motor development.
12.Type of reflex necessary for survival.
16.This characteristic of motor development means that motor skills are additive in nature.
18.In the context-specific period, individuals apply _________ movement patterns to a motor skill.
21.This period occurs as a result of injury or aging.
22.Reflexive period movements open a ______ with the environment.
24.After the fundamental period, skills are primarily _______ because they are culturally driven.
25.The fundamental motor period usually ends at this age.
1.In the Fundamental Motor Patterns stage individuals explore fine and _________ motor skills.
3.The three characteristics of a skillful motor behavior are: consistent, adaptable, and _____.
4.The individual who developed the mountain of development metaphor.
5.A reflexive movement that allows newborns to obtain nutrition.
6.Motor behavior in newborns that does not respond to a stimulus.
7.The goal of the fundamental period is to build a diverse motor _________.
8.The ___________of the mountain illustrates that not all individuals reach the highest levels of skillfulness.
13.An infant’s movements become ________ when they move from the reflexive stage to the preadapted stage.
14.Second period in motor development.
15.Preadapted behaviors are considered _________ because they are performed by the entire species.
17.The “peak of the mountain” is the equivalent to _____ motor movements.
19.The reflexive period begins in this gestational month.
20.Type of constraint on fundamental movements when a child starts to play a sport.
23.There are a variety of motor skills to pursue, with is equated to the “mountain _________.”

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