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Gesture & Pantomime


Complete this crossword to test your knowledge of gesture and pantomime terms.

1 2
3 4           5        
  7       8      
  9       10          
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16               17    
19 20        
21                           22            

4.Type of gesture that is important in pantomime.
7.Slight flick at end of gesture to indicate it is complete.
10.When actors believe fully they allow the audience to also believe in the character.
11.The memory that all created objects are still there after they have been used.
13.Fooling the audience by misleading them with repetition.
15.There are ____ principles of body language.
16.Key to all body action.
18.Happen before body gestures.
21.Emphasizes physical movement.
22.The movement of any part of your body to help express an idea or emotion.
1.Lead most hand gestures.
2.All movements are slow, exaggerated, specific and clear.
3.Movements and gestures that are 'over the top' and build to a climax.
5.When an actor is so shocked and/or surprised they look at something again.
6.The art of acting without words.
8.Evident by a sunken chest, tense movement and restricted gestures.
9.All actions must be ____________ in concept and execution.
12.When the audience knows more about what is happening on stage than the actors.
14.Expressed with high chest and head, free movements and broad gestures.
17.All comedic gags are repeated multiple times to allow for dramatic irony.
19.Starting a gesture with an exaggerated backward movement.
20.Keep these away from your body.

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