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1 2         3
  4 5            
6               7       8  
9       10             11      
    13                   14        
  16 17          
18           19       20                               21
22         23                    
        24   25        
              27           28            
    29               30                    
31                     32          
      33 34   35
  36   37            
38   39                 40     41          

2.A good job these aren't square
4.Aggregate forming the trackbed
6.Safety warning device
7.Cylinder containing water in which steam is raised
10.Saves using a triangle
13.Less than 4ft 8inches
15.Cushioning device between rail vehicles
18.List of train departures
20.Pulled in case of emergency
23.Explosive charge used in fog
26.Display of models
27.Signalling allowing running either way
29.Frictional grip between wheel and rail (8)
30.The place you are going to
31.D1015 preserved class 52 loco
37.Angled elevation (4)
38.Days out by special train
40.Welsh narrow gauge railway (9)
42.Where the driver usually stands
43.Single track authority
44.Heavy oil used as fuel
45.Platform trolley - it's a monster!
46.Usually holds water and coal (6)
47.Security, border, armed, prison, even a train has one
1.Famous steam locomotive
3.Pedestrian passage beneath the railway
6.Box van or open (5)
8.Passengerless carriages
9.Coach where you buy snacks
11.Where road crosses rail
12.Electric wire system
14.Third rail or overhead
16.Type of signal
17.Station at the end of the line
19.Loco behind giving a shove
21.When the wheels come off the track (8)
22.Ticket you buy when you're coming back the same day
24.Type of articulated locomotive
25.Driver's assistant (7)
28.Under sea tube between England and France
32.Train that can be driven fromn either end
33.Arranging the wheels at sea
34.Concrete, steel or wooden
35.Called a truck in the USA
36.Diverging of two lines
39.Device to force water into the boiler
41.Parallel lengths of steel

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