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The Rock Cycle

By:Vincent Imbraguglio

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4.Can form when chemical fluids change rock.
7.Classified by texture and chemical composition.
9.Form as magma cools underground.
11.Form where sediment is deposited.
15.Rock material that forms where rocks are broken down into smaller pieces.
17.Form from igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rocks.
18.Form when extreme temperatures and pressure change rock.
19.The size of grains in a rock and the way the grains fit together.
21.Include erosion and deposition.
1.Form when rocks are exposed to extreme temperatures and pressure.
2.Produce layering.
3.Form from compacted sediment.
5.Form when magma or lava cools and crystallizes.
6.The fragments that make up rocks.
12.Form from dissolved minerals that crystallize.
13.Involve preexisting rock.
14.The material that makes up a rock.
20.A natural, solid mixture of minerals or particles.

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