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Mountain of Motor Development Crossword

Chelsea Leap and Julie Lopatka

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1.Relative _______ means that a certain amount of flexibility that gives way to the potential to learn motor skills throughout the lifespan.
4.The stages of motor development are cumulative and _______.
6.A(n) _______ metaphor characterizes both the product and the process.
7.The compensation period can also occur due to the normal effects of _______.
9.What is the main goal of motor development?
11.Gabbard described the changes in motor behavior as a “developmental _______.”
12.The _______ stage lasts from about 2 weeks to 1 year.
18.During the _______ period, the development of motor skills becomes increasingly individualized.
19.The skillful stage lasts until _______.
22.Motor development is the change in movement behavior across the _______.
24._______ motor skills are also called “building blocks”.
25.What kind of motor skill is involved the use of smaller yet highly innervated muscles?
2.What do you call a property of the organism, environment, or task that limits or sets boundaries of a movement?
3.The reflexive period begins in the _______ gestational month.
5.This period is marked by a motor skill being efficient, adaptable, and consistent. This period also starts around age 11
8.Motor skills that are unique to an individual and require techniques to learn, such as throwing a ball, are called _______ motor skills.
10.A _______ movement is characterized as efficient, adaptable, and consistent.
13.Factors such as gravity, ambient temperature, available light, and the supporting surface are all considered _______ constraints.
14._______ developing individuals will have different individual constraints. These individuals may use different patterns of locomotion due to individual constraints.
15.Movements that appear to be elicited by no known external stimuli are called _______ movements.
16.The primary goal of the preadaptive period is to achieve _______ function.
17._______ is exceptionally skilled motor performance that requires years of experience
20.Rooting, sucking, and swallowing are all _______ found in infants.
21.The compensation period can occur at any age due to _______.
23._______ constraints can be imposed by a sport’s rules and can also be in the tools or equipment used in a sport.

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