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SPAN III CP -- Irregular preterite verbs

Senor Cashman

INSTRUCCIONES: Escribe las formas de los verbos irregulares en preterito. Keep in mind the following tips: *No subject pronouns (yo, tú, etc.) are to be written in - verbs only. *For clues with "was / were", keep in mind that it could be 'ser' or 'estar'. Use the number of boxes as a clue. *Use your notes or p. 42 in 'Avancemos 3' to help you.

2     3      
7   8       9 10      
13           14
  15         16    
17 18   19            
20             21          
22       23       24        

2.S/he went
3.I had
5.You gave
7.S/he was
10.I put
12.We came
13.He did / He made
15.You said
18.You knew; You found out
20.el nombre de la hija del Señor Cashman
21.They gave
22.I said
23.We were
25.They said
1.You went
3.S/he brought
4.I knew; I found out
6.You were
8.We had
9.I went
11.You did / You made (tú form)
14.They were
16.They brought
17.I brought
19.They put
22.I gave
24.S/he came

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