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Chapter 6 The American Revolution

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1.A formal agreement between two powers to work together for a common goal
4.British general who came up with a plan to cut New England off from the rest of the American states
6.This country decided to assist the Americans soon after the American victory at Saratoga
10.French nobleman who became a high ranking officer in Washington's army.
11.Peace treaty signed by the Americans and the British after the end of the American Revolution
12.Units of troops on horseback
14.Formal complaints
15.Armed civilian ships that had government's permission to attack enemy ships
16.A german baron who trained the Continental Army. His help transformed the inexperienced colonial soldiers into a well trained army
19.American legend due to his famous last words: "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"
22.Washington and his men were able to surprise British troops at Trenton and earn an important victory after crossing this river on Christmas night, 1776
23.People who are not in the military
24.Introduction to the Declaration of Independence
25.This battle marked a major turning point of the revolution. It destroyed British hopes of an easy victory, helped lift the Patriots' spirits, and convinced Europeans that Americans had a chance of winning the war
26.Commander of the British forces during the American Revolution
27.Date the Declaration of Independence was approved
28.Fighters who work in small groups to make hit and run attacks
29.Final battle of the American Revolution. Cornwallis's surrender here marked the end of the American Revolution
1.America's first constition; Gave the Continental Congress the power to conduct war and to negotiate with foreign nations
2.Signed up for military duty
3.Leader of the Continental (Colonial) Army
5.Wrote "Common Sense" and "The Crisis," two pamphlets that strengthened support for independence amongst the colonists
7.Person who betrays their country or cause and helps the other side
8.Introduced the "Virginia Resolution" to Congress, which stated that "These United Colonies are, and of right out to be, free and independent states"
9.American naval commander famous for his refusal to give up. "I have not yet begun to fight" he vowed during battle.
13.Written by Thomas Paine, it ridiculed the idea of rule by kings, and stated that Americans would be better off governing themselves
17.Date the Declaration of Independence was signed
18.Washington and his army spent the winter of 1777 and early 1778 here. Conditions were terrible. Troops froze and starved to death.
20.Written by Thomas Paine, it urgede Americans to support the Continental Army, despite hard times
21.Washington and his men captured nearly a thousand of these mercenaries at Trenton

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