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1.An example of this is the place in which yo were when you heard about the World Trade Center being hit for the first time.
6.This is a technique in which facts or skills to be learned are repeated often over a concentrated period of time. Ex. Multiplication
7.This is when a task can be completed using little or no mental effort.
8.What is active focus on certain stimuli to the exclusion of others?
9.An example of this would be someone who could pass an advanced Spanish Exam but could not communicate in Mexico.
10.Mental networks of related concepts that influence understanding of new information.
12.This is when you connect new material to old information already learned.
14.This is a strategy for improving memory by using images to link pairs of items.
18.This is when you physically carry out the task in order to learn. Ex. Counting money.
19.This is when you have a diagram with main ideas and the connections between them
21.This is a strategy for memorization in which images are used to link lists of facts to a familiar set of words or numbers.
22.Consists of steps. Preview, Question, Read, Reflect, Recite, and Review material
23.The tendency for items at the end of a list to be recalled more easily than other items.
24.A example of this is... Man is to Women as Boy is to Girl.
25.A study strategy that requires decisions about what to write.
26.The inhibition of recall of certain information by the presence of other information in memory.
27.These are mental visualization of images to improve memory.
2.This is a strategy for remembering lists bu picturing items in familiar locations.
3.This is when mental processing of new information relates to previously learned knowledge.
4.The way someone interprets stimuli.
5.Representing the main points of material in hierarchical.
11.Long-Term Memory that stores images of personal experiences
13.The tendency for items at the beginning of the list to be recalled more easily than other items.
15.Memorization of facts or associations that might be essentially arbitrary.
16.This is devices or strategies for aiding the memory.
17.This is often referred to as "thinking about thinking".
20.Remembering information by Repetition

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