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Jack Sun, V

1 2
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3.A smart ___________________ is someone who can learn new words easily.
4.A bad person who cannot be trusted.
5.The person in charge.
6.To sneak around (don't let people see you!): Walk on _________________.
9.If you are a peach you are a ____________ person.
10.You are always sloppy when you eat you eat like a ______.
11.A new car that doesn't work is called a _____________.
13.If you are afraid to fly, your friends may say that you're ______________.
14.A person who does not pay attention is ____ to lunch.
15.A vegetable that tells you someone is not nervous.
16.If you work like a dog you are not ________________.
1.If you always eat a lot of food you eat like a _____________.
2.If you bring home the ________________ you have the biggest paycheck in your family.
3.A very busy, disorganized person is like a ________________ with its head cut off.
5.If you have the biggest paycheck in your family you are the _________________.
7.If you eat like a bird you eat very _______________.
8.If something is very easy for you, it is a ___________ of cake.
12.If you are a little ______________ your friends might say you are a little crazy.

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