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Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Mngment

RT Mitchell

vocabulary for environmental science unit consisting of aquatic ecosystems and water resource management.

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1.organisms that float near the surface of water
3.law designed to improve water quality
7.environmental function of wetlands
10.area above an aquifer
14.A single identifiable source of pollution, like a leaking gasoline tank
16.Drinking water
17.threat to ocean organisms
2.When nutrients are added to a lake that speeds up plant growth, like phosphates in laundry detergent
4.anything that can cause a disease, like bacteria
5.use stinging tentacles to capture prey
6.land that drains into a river
8.threat to river ecosystems
9.lake that has a large amount of plant growth due to nutrients
11.marine ecosystem dominated by trees with stilt-like roots
12.bottom of a pond or lake
13.marine ecosystem dominated by marsh grasses
15.factor that determines where aquatic organisms live

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