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Food Energy in Ecosystems

J. Dollar

1 2 3
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4.All the living and nonliving things surrounding an organism.
5.Consumers that are eaten by predators.
6.A living thing that cant make its own food and must eat othre living things.
9.A series of organisms that depend on one another for food. (2 Words)
10.An animal that eats only plants.
13.An environment that meets the needs of an organism.
14.All the individuals of the same kind living in the same ecosystem.
15.A living thing, such as plants, that can make its own food.
18.An animal that eats both plants and other animals.
19.The role of an organism in its habitat.
1.A living thing that feeds on the wastes of plants and animals.
2.All the populations of organisms living together in an environment.
3.A diagram showing how much energy is passed form one organism to the next in a food chain. (2 Words)
7.A consumer that eats prey.
8.Describes a nonliving part of an ecosystem.
11.An animal that eats only other animals.
12.A community and its physical environment together.
16.A group of food chains that overlap. (2 Words)
17.Describes a living part of the ecosystem.

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