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Cold War and Holocaust

MacKayla Allen

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3.European conflict from 1914-18; also known as the Great War and "the war to end all wars"
5.another name for National Socialist party
7.Head of the Soviet Union
9.a condition that is required for a country to be considered a superpower is for that country to have influence over world events
11.explained what the winners of the war would gain and what the losers would lose; punished Germany for the war, stripped Germany of power,land,and military; Germany had to pay Allies for war; the U.S refused to sign the Treaty
13.countries/ nations who are friends and support one another
14.that group of countries that was lead by the Soviet Union
16.Hitlers systematic killing of every Jew ( man,woman,and Child) under Nazi rule Iron Curtain----not a real 'curtain' ; a phase used to describe the dividing line between communist an non-communist areas in Europe
17.what WWI used to be called
19.beliefs of the Nazi party; Germans felt betrayed by Treaty of Versailles; Nazi's came to power; Hitler promised to break Treaty of Versailles, rebuild the military, and reclaim lost territory
20.Barrier that Soviets put up in 1961 to separate the eastern part of the city of Berlin from western part of the city of Berlin was torn down in 1989
21.group of people who represent all the countries in the world, who meet together and their purpose is to solve problems
22.a group of countries who have similar ideas about government, and they work together as each other allies(friends)
1.Signed in 1994 by the U.S, Canada, Mexico elimination tariffs
2.someone who rules by fear or force, they have all power, they don't share power with anybody,has complete rule
4.describes a government that owns or controls most farms and businesses; Soviet Union was communist country. Cuba is the only communist country in the western Hemisphere
6.Dictator of Germany; responsible for the Holocaust
8.a powerful communist country that supported the Castro movement in Cuba; Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader in the 1980's and 1990's. Broke up into many countries after the Cold War
10.to bring two parts back together that had gotten separated in the past; when East Germany and West Germany were brought back together and once again made into one country
12.the planned killing of a race of people; Hitler tried to do this with Jews in WWII
15.began in 1945, period of distrust between Soviet Union & its former allies on West, particularly the U.S.;Germany was divided into two parts, East Germany & West Germany.This was not a "Shooting War" but a war of spying, threats, issues with trade (economic issues)
18.Worldwide conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945

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