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1.How many women did Ernest Hemingway marry?
6.Hemingway taught his boys to hunt and _____.
8.He was first paid for work writing as a ______________.
9.Hemingway adored ________, but treated them poorly, generally.
11.His books have been ____________.
12.The name Ernest went by as he aged.
16.Hemingway won which prize at the very end of his career?
17.Ernest drank tremendous amounts of alcohol, like many others of his generation and social circles. Primarily, he drank _______.
19.Ernest was born in a suburb of Chicago, called _____ _____.
21.During WW1, Hemingway served as an ____________ driver.
23.He couldn't participate in the US Armed Services because of poor _________.
26.Hemingway was eulogized by President Kennedy as one of the great ___________ of the world.
27.Grace Hemigway could have been a star ________ ________.
28.Even though Hemingway may have pretended to be a soldier, he was still awarded a ________ _____.
30.Hemingway's 4th wife could have taken all the _____ out of the house, but she didn't.
32.Ernest was injured very badly in his second _________ crash.
33.Ernest left his first wife for another woman. Her name was ____________.
34.Ernest might have had a condition that didn't allow his body to process _____ correctly.
37.The night-life in __________ suited Hemingway.
39.He wrote twenty-seven _________.
40.It seems, looking back at Hemigway's life, he was set on ___________ from a much younger age.
42.Old Man and the Sea was the _______ of Hemingway's career. He said it was the best thing he ever wrote.
44.Ernest was a big-game hunter in _________.
46.Ernest said the mountains in Sun Valley, Idaho reminded him of the land in ________.
47.Hemingway named his boat, ________.
48.In what sport did Ernest excel?
1.Hemingway woke every morning at _____ AM to begin writing.
2.He had extremely high ______ _________.
3.When he was in Spain, Ernest watched bullfighting and looked up to the _________.
4.Ernest's mother dressed him as a ______.
5.Where (in which country)did Ernest find inspiration for Old Man and the Sea?
7.What is the first name of Ernest's first wife?
10.Hemingway's boys had ________ feelings about his fathering skills.
13.Ernest believed that men should aim to _______ life.
14.Hemingway had a super-____________ image.
15.Hemingway aimed to write the one, true ___________.
18.Ernest was declared to be the most important writer since ____________.
20.If Hemingway were to pick a pet, would it be a cat or a dog?
22.Ernest admired the writing talent and friendship of F.Scott _______________.
24.At the tail end of his life, it took Hemingway a week to write one ___________.
25.Ernest was part of the ______ Generation
29.Hemingway shot himself in the foot while ______ hunting.
30.What is one of the weapons that Ernest stocked in his hotel room?
31.His stories were pre-occupied with love, ________, and death.
35.Hemingway tired of life in ________ after some years there.
36.He created a bold, new ________ style.
38.Ernest was friends with many __________ and celebrities.
41.Hemingway died in 1961, at age 61, in _________.
43.Ernest traveled to Spain, Cuba, France, and _______.
45.How many short stories did Ernest write?

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