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Chapter 19 Music History II


This puzzle will educate the solver on the important aspects of chapter 19 in the Music History II book in Dr. Weaver's class.

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1.What work by Carl Maria von Weber started German Romantic opera?
3.What term refers to singing characterized by seemingly effortless technique, an equally beautiful tone, as well as agility, flexibility, and control?
5.Which German composer was a crucial figure in nineteenth century culture and German opera who believed he was the true successor of Beethoven?
8.Faust by Charles Gounod is an example of what type of opera?
10.What work displays all the traits of Verdi's mature style during his middle period?
14.Who argued that music was the one art that embodied the deepest reality of all human experience and influenced Wagner's compositions?
18.Considered a landmark in the history of French opera, Carmen was composed by who?
19.This, created by Richard Wagner, put poetry, scenic design, staging, action, and music work together to form what?
1.What is Wagner's four-opera cycle of which he wrote his own librettos?
2.What French genre was as big in nineteenth-century culture as Hollywood films are today?
4.What work from Wagner has impacted deeply in Western music for future composers?
6.Who was one of the first great conductors and a master of orchestration who inspired many composers after him, especially of Germanic origin?
7.Who helped create bel canto and created new conventions for Italian opera that lasted for over half a century?
9.During which period did Verdi compose Il trovatore and La traviata?
11.As a composer of serious opera, who was the immediate historical forerunner of Verdi who was also attuned to the taste and judgement of the Italian public?
12.Who founded opera bouffe?
13.A work in which the story of a nation competes with the passions and emotions of individual characters is?
15.This kind of opera uses spoken dialogue rather than recitative.
16.Who was a nationalistic composer of opera who was a prominent presence in Italian music in the 19th century?
17.One way Verdi gained popularity was through Italian patriots crying out what?

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