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congress crossword puzzle

Indya Jenkins

15 concepts of congress

  2 3 4
5 6                                      

6.a committee within the House or Senate charged with considering bills within certain, specific subject areas. While the committees itself is permanent, its membership changes over time
7.the legislative role combining concepts of instructed delegate and trustee concepts; the legislator switches the roles according to the issue being considered - sometimes also used as a derogatory term for a politician
9.the House committee that deals with all tax measures
10.a parliamentary technique to end debate and to bring the matter under consideration to a vote in the Senate
13.a policy that allows congressional members to substitute their fax signature (frank) for postage when sending materials through the mail
14.a legislator who acts according to his or her conscience and the broad interests of the entire society, as opposed to the specific agenda of his or her constituents or another narrow interest
15.the budget prepared and submitted by the president to Congress
1.person authorized to act as a representative for another
2.Congressional responsibility to determine if the laws it has passed are being enacted and enforced in the way Congress intended
3.districts that almost automatically re-elect House of Representative incumbents
4.the refusal of the president to spend money that Congress has appropriated
5.a legislator who acts as an assistant and helps the House majority or minority leader, or the senate majority or minority leader
8.the residents in an electoral district; a group of individuals represented by a legislator
11.unlimited speech-making in the Senate, designed to stall the legislative process and halt action on a particular bill
12.the minimum number of legislative members who must be present in order to transact business

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