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Chapter 19

Brandt McKinzey

MHL Chapter 19 Questions

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2.Verdi's first breakthrough opera.
4.Romantic opera that lies between opera comique and grand opera.
8.What type of opera is Rossini famous for today?
10.Female soprano that helped launch Verdi's career.
12.One of Bellini's most famous arias, also known as entrance aria.
15.Style of Italian opera known as "beautiful song"
17.Composer who dominated Italian music for fifty years after Donizetti, wrote the first of his 26 operas at age 26 in 1839.
19.Italian composer from the second quarter of the nineteenth century, wrote some seventy operas.
20.German word for "complete artwork, or unified art"
1.How many periods could Verdi's compositional life be broken in to according to most people?
3.A young contemporary of Rossini who came to prominence after Rossini had retired from composition.
5.Landmark French opera by Bizet that contained many Spanish elements.
6.What was the primary musical work of the nineteenth century?
7.German composer who was a prominent figure in nineteenth-century culture, thought music's purpose was to serve the goals of dramatic expression.
9.First German romantic opera, composed by Carl Maria von Weber.
11.Trend where composers used musical ideas that they felt shared their countries elements in a national ideal.
13.A serious form of opera that was sung throughout and included ballets, choruses and spectacular staging
14.German word for musical idea associated with a person, mood, or idea in opera.
16.French opera that uses spoken dialogue instead of recitatives.
18.Who would most Europeans in 1825 say was the most famous and important living composer?

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