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Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

Paul Tran Period 1

1 2
3     4   5
6 7     8    
  9 10                          
      12 13                      
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21                 22

3.Michael Jordan was known to have a very large ____because he plays basketball.
10.He had a very ____ streak.
11.Teens usually like being ____ in their room all day.
12.____ ____ is known as the founding father of psychoanalysis.
14.When you shoot a basketball, you release at the ____ of your jump.
15.In the past 100 years ____ has advanced more than the past 1000.
16.Sports are one thing I love to ____ about.
18.We live in a ____.
21.There is an ____ of George Washington at the museum.
23.We live in a ____, where people rule.
24.I have to ____ things on lent.
26.Animal ____ is against the law around the world.
27.The shirt was tailored and very ____.
28.The comedy sports team incorporates ____ in their acts.
29.The test we just had felt like I was being ____.
1.Obama is one of the most ____ people in the world.
2.The kids were ____ on an island with no adults.
4.The form of ____ in Lord of the Flies are huts.
5.We had to follow the exact ____ in the scientific theory.
6.It would be ____ to not wear clothing to school.
7.Dogs need an alpha with ____ capabilities.
8.There was a feeling of ____ after completing the homework.
9.The main source of food in Lord of the Flies are ____ berries.
13.You need to show ____ to get into the club.
17.There was clear ____ from the littluns.
19.After the car accident, my mother was very ____ on the road.
20.The magician seemed to have the audience under ____.
22.The spear had a ____ on the end.
24.There were signs of ____ when the class was unattended.
25.The pig’s ____ is very identifiable.

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