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Lord of the Flies

Trevor Richardson 1

1 2
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  8                 9      
12                   13

3.There was a beautiful marble _____ of President Jefferson at the front of the library.
6.It was back to _____ after camping for two whole weeks.
8.I felt _____ when I ran the marathon.
10.The dicatorship was full of _____.
12.They made a _____ when they had to move from their home into an apartment.
14.I can only _____ if he was innocent or guilty.
1.He used _____ to make me do my chores.
2.The witches kept repeating their _____ until the spell worked.
4.He was _____ when I told him I had seen big Foot.
5.They found themselves _____ when the battery died in the car.
7.We performed _____ in acting class.
9.His _____ emotions got in the way of his rational thinking.
11.He snagged his shirt on a _____that was sticking out od the fence.
13.Todays gold prices are at their _____, the highest they've been in years.

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