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Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

Sophia Le period 1

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3.The football player worked out everyday so he was___________.
5.Our time period right now is __________ and proper compared to the cavemen period.
6.The boy had a huge _________ and distanced himself from other people because he thought that they weren’t good enough for him.
7.It is fascinating how people can create ___________ nowadays like new phones, computers and other devices.
9.The boy’s drawing was _________ for he had spent hours and hard work on it.
13.The United States is under an Indirect ____________ and we have a representative to run the government for us.
14.Mountains have a high and pointy ___________ on top of them.
16.In the past some families had to _________ their food so their children will have enough to eat.
18.The projecting nose and mouth of an animal is usually called a __________.
20.When I told my brother to go on the rollercoaster he filled with fear and ___________.
21.I lost my glue bottle so I had to ___________ with tape instead.
23.Witches usually cast spells and chant __________ to make potions.
25.Bullies often use their __________ and abuses their victims.
26.A cave is pretty much empty and ___________.
27.Some teachers have a ___________ when they go to work every day to teach which is their pleasure.
28.My dad didn’t believe me and gave me a _____________ look when I told him I would try to get good grades this year.
1.The cavemen lived in a ___________ society where they were unable to behave properly.
2.___________ occur mostly when there are thunderstorms.
4.The artist created a well sculpted __________ of a model.
8.The General showed _________ by leading the army straight to the war.
10.People with cancer suffer with pain and ___________.
11.Most scientists ___________ on the project they work on, yet there is more information than they think.
12.The president has many __________ over the country like approving treaties and having control.
15.Before the police put the criminal in prison, they have to find and ________ evidence.
17.The party was__________ with streamers, balloons, and confetti.
19.An Austrian neurologist who became known as the founding father of psychoanalysis was _________________.
20.Everyone was___________ and didn't do the homework for the teacher had not explained the assignment.
21.Everyone has a part in their mind that is a natural automatic act that is clear to the eye called the _________.
22.The girls were _________ and lost in the middle of a dessert.
24.The __________ wired fence stopped me from climbing over it.

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