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Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

Kierra Davis period 1

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2.11. The leatherback turtle is the biggest turtle that ever live but the turtle is __________ because of his age and bad condition.
6.5. Most football players at my school have a big ____ and are so cocky and full of their self, you cannot tell them anything.
8.18. My brother always lies so when he told me he lost $100 I was __________ if he was telling the truth or not.
9.23. When me and my brother were younger we used to _________ snails by pouring salt on them and watching them sizzle and die.
10.12. The president has a lot of ________, authority and has the final say in certain things that go on in the U.S.
11.That _____ of the needle was the sharpest point that stabbed my hand.
13.13. To be a class president it requires someone to help others complete the task with great ________ and positive attitude.
15.The girl’s shirt is very ________so she got dressed coded.
18.Harry potter spoke a ____________ to levitate his broom fly him around.
20.22. Back when slavery was still popular, the slave owner’s acted very brutality to the salves.
21.6. Because the actors had forgotten their lines, they had to use __________ to get through the rest of the show.
22.14. After spending all our money at the mall and using up all our phone battery we were ________ at the mall.
23.You can tell the lifeguard works out; he has a great ________ body.
1.I bet those animals have a really good sense of smell with a _________ that big.
2.21. In my math class our teacher wanted us to work with a partner and ________ a answer
3.10. The teenagers in this generation think its ok to get _________________ to fit in or be popular.
4.The homecoming dance was __________ with a bunch of balloons and party favors.
5.17. The reason their relationship didn’t last was because they argued a lot and were both _____________ toward each other.
7.The world wouldn’t be the same without all the computers and other _____________ to help us with what we need.
12.19. My mom said since I didn’t wash the dishes my punishment was that I have to ________ something I really loved for a whole week.
14.________________ was the founding father of psychoanalysis.
16.There is a marble _______ in the town square of the towns founder.
17.8. When you play tug-a-war you and someone else are suppose to _____ both sides of the rope to see who can hold on and pull harder.
19.16. Without Ms.lapis _______she still requires us to study our vocabulary words.

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