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Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

Zac Crowell period 1

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1.________ is supposed to make our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quicklyand efficienly.
3.The ______ predator is at the top of the food chain and is the most powerful.
5.A stingray's ______ is poisoned.
7.Everytime you do it, it gives you some surprise element, because there's ______ invloved with it.
9.Some global companies may be able to ______ supplies from elsewhere.
10.His relations gave a funeral banquet and solemnly burnt the ______ of their dead uncle.
11.Such personal ______ helped maintain a kind of discipline among his troops.
12.People try to be _______ because it leads to order and a well functional society.
13.The moon had been up for
17.The student was being ________ throuout campus so he told his teacher.
2.In general, students of this generation have been raised with _______ by getting what they want when they want it.
4.New cars get their _______ from the sun so they dont need gasoline.
6.Properly trained law enforement officer are suitably equipped to take down a suspect without ________.
8.Her friends are _______ and soon will grow extremely jealous.
14.Paleontologist ______ feathers first evolved to retain heat.
15.The more _______ the location, the more empty and appealing it seems.
16.The pig huffed out his _______ really heavily.

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