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Lord of The Flies Vovabulary

Celso Cisneros Per.1

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3.Towns are ______ cause of the low human society.
4.The shirt was _______ on me because I gained weight.
5.All presidents have the _____ to make new laws.
6.Indians ______ animals in order to survive.
8.Knifes have a ________ point.
10.Obama has the _________ of the USA.
12.Hunters use a _____ to hunt because it’s sharp and hard to remove.
14.When someone is disliked or cruel to others they are ______________.
15.The ______ is based on reality.
17.Someone who makes quick dictions ________ without knowing the consequences.
20.One has _________ when it comes to giving a presentation in front of the class because one gets nerves and can’t talk.
22.People feel _______ when they break a leg.
24.The main character In lord in the flies is __________
25.Dogs have a big ______ on their head which makes them smell from far.
27.People who can read minds are _______ .
28.piggy's glasses represent_________
29.The meanest kid on the island is _________
1._______ is ruled by the people.
2.People are ______ to teachers because they don’t like them.
3.Bullies are ______ to others for pleaser.
7.People who you don’t trust are _________.
9.People feel ________ because they have achieved something that they have succeeded by themselves.
11.The father of psychoanalysis is __________.
13.People who don’t like school are ________ to get out of school.
16.People who are late to a meeting have to _____ a quick plan.
18.Humans live in a ______ where people interact with others.
19.Now and days kids can’t live with ________ because they were born with it.
21.The ____ is the part of us that needs to be satisfied.
23.People who get lost are ________ because they don’t know where to go.
26.To love someone you have to ________ them.

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