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Integumentary System

Mrs. VH

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6.sweat gland active at puberty
9.elastin and collagen fibers run in the same direction and are separated by these
12.disorder caused by bacteria in kids, small blisters form with pus
13.layer of the skin that contains connective tissues
15.layer of the skin composed of adipose tissue
16.oily secretion
17.they are phagocytic and star-shaped
18.increased layers of the stratum corneum due to an increase in pressure and friction
19.white crescent shaped area at the base of the nail
24.this layer is only found in thick skin
28.they produce a protein, aids in protection, arises in the stratum basale
31.disorder of hair follicles and oil gland caused by bacteria or hormones
32.bedsores formed on immobile patients
34.red skin, caused by embarrassment or fever
36.found between the epidermis and dermis and senses touch
37.delicate hair of the fetus
38.they produce a brownish pigment
1.third degree burn patients can't sense this
2.besides dehydration, the second problem with burn patients
3.fold of skin at base of nail
4.smooth muscles that form goose bumps
5.found in dermis, initiate inflammation
7.bluish colored skin
8.dermal folds near the joint
10.cradle cap
11.burn patients are dehydrated, which leads to the shut down of this organ
14.this layer contains Langerhans cells and prickle cells
20.yellowish skin, caused by build up of bile
21.these are given off by scent glands
22.this layers has dead cells that are sloughed off
23.finger-like projections of the dermis
25.this layer is able to do mitosis and generate new cells
26.separation of epidermal and dermal layers by fluid filled packets
27.these glands are modified sweat glands
29.waxy substance found in ear canal
30.death of the skin or tissue
33.sweat gland that helps in thermoregulation
35.elevation of the skin, pigmented, can be hairy

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