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Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

Bianka Sandoval period 1

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1.However this does not mean that these countries have lapsed into social barbarism and reverteed to their supposedly natural state of primitive________
3.The old church, whick was much larger, contained the mutilated______ of a man in a armor, wirh his sword sheathed.
6.The game was so _________ that when you did stumble across the old et, even the neighbors could hear you scream.
8._________ developed the use of "Talk Therapy"
9.Everybody in the entire town has _________ hanging fro their noses.
10.He fills the air with incense and strange_______ to ward off evil, but with no effect
12.In china's views, the world's diverse___________ are the shared hertiage of humanity and an invaluable of source of prosperity.
14.Our school must continue to offer excellence in education and embrace the new ________ to enhance teaching and learning.
16.Researchers and aquarium tell tales of octopuses that have _______ and outwitted them.
18.the successful applicant will be able to demonstrate research_________ and a strong international reputation
20.Liberalism means a free Britain, on ein which people and communities are able to exercise real political _______ on their own behalf.
21.Laurel farm, an 18th- cenrury farmhouse, is in a acre of wild an peacefully________grounds surrounded by mature trees and hedges.
2.The only instant________ in writing is the burst of joy from the act of creation.
4.Beware groups wo try to plan out their scenes-that ceases to be spontaneous________
5.Fifteen death sentences were carried out, all with the utmost _______.
7.The vessel took up what was considered by the seafaring class a very dangerous position, the sea being very ________
11.The network aims to de govern and deepen_________ through greater citizen participation in local
13.This is absolutely________, requiring one to connect with ancient astronaut theeories or Atlantis myths.
15._________that all mail is sent in a accordance with applicable legislation and in a secure manner.
17.Some grass seeds have small_________ or hooks which make removal difficult.
19.This represented the ________ of his musical endeavors thus far- here was sonic architecture of the highest caliber.

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