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Anatomy Midterm Review


1 2 3 4                   5       6
  8 9                                 10            
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  21           22         23
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    30                 31                
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    36                                   37  
38                   39              
42                             43  
              44 45       46
  47           48                        
      50 51                             52  
    53 54                   55    
          56     57                      
  58           59            
    60                     61    
62                   63                            
65             66           67                  
  69     70                            
71 72                         73           74  
      75                 76                            
        78               79                        
  80                 81                       82          

4.contains the vertebrae and spinal cord (2 Words)
7.secrete into tissue, fluid, or blood
9.false layer of skin (2 Words)
10.fat tissue
11.pertaining to the membranes of the abdominopelvic cavity
12.the process which causes responses to alter conditions in an internal environment (2 Words)
15.where the hair develops (2 Words)
17.made up of the upper and lower limbs and their girdles (2 Words)
20.blood clot
25.completly lyse during secretion (2 Words)
26.multiple layer flat cells (2 Words)
31.cancer of the skin
32.they secrete sebum (2 Words)
35.second cervical vertebrae; C2
36.soft spots
39.first cervical vertebrae; C1
40.located in the groin area; become active at puberty (2 Words)
41.your favorite teacher
42.pertains to the heart
44.growth of thickened skin due to increased cell division at points of pressure
48.cells that secrete melanin
49.the study of the body's functions
51.single layer cube cells (2 Words)
54.breakdown of tissue
56.outermost layer of epidermis (2 Words)
58.the only bone not attached to any other bone
60.black heads
62.membrane that lines a cavity
63.houses the eyes (2 Words)
65.increase in the diameter of a blood vessel
67.all of the chemical reactions in the body
70.bed sore over bony projections (2 Words)
72.bone cells
75.closer to the point of attachment
76.the deepest layer of the epidermis (2 Words)
77.structures that provide information about specific conditions
78.membrane directly attached to an organ
79.bone that begins as hyaline cartilage
80.secrete to the outer surface
81.the portion of the adbominopelvic cavity that is enclosed by the hip bones (2 Words)
82.many cells
83."normal" conditions (2 Words)
84.the mouth (2 Words)
1.hardening of cells
2.an oily secretion
3.destroys the epidermis, dermis, and the accessory organs of the skin (3 Words)
5.consists of both the thoracic and abdominal cavities (2 Words)
6.pertains to the lungs
8.nonliving structure under the epidermis (2 Words)
13.does not loose any of itself during secretion (2 Words)
14.flat bones of the skull
16.the shaft of a long bone
17.hyaline cartilage that covers the ends of the bones at points of articulation (2 Words)
18.pertaining to the glands that secrete hormones (2 Words)
19.break down bone tissue
21.red and yellow types
22.results from an overproduction of osteoclasts
23.the set of self-regulating control systems in the body that maintain stability
24.the nose (2 Words)
27.where marrow is located (2 Words)
28.bluish color of the skin
29.respond to changes in body temperature (2 Words)
30.what anatomy students do in their spare time
33.structures formed in open wounds that promote healing
34.single layer elongated cells (2 Words)
37.farther from the point of attachment
38.the surface
43.single layer flat cells (2 Words)
45.your favorite class
46.the integumentary system
47.ends of long bones
50.build bone tissue
52.a thin muscle that separates the thoracic cavity and the abdominopelvic cavity
53.towards the middle
55.red pigment in red blood cells, RBC
57.made up of the head, neck, and trunk (2 Words)
59.the outer vascular skin of a bone
61.the smallest particle of an element that keeps the properties of the element
64.the name given to all of the organs in the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities
66.smooth muscle associated with hair follicle (2 Words)
68.to the back
69.many atoms
71.to the front
74.made up of many organ systems

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