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1.one which is used to convert the assembly language into machine language
6.what does M denotes in M000024 05+LIST B
7.what does H refers in H PROGA 000000 000070
8.all the literal operand in the program are gathered into one is known as_____
9.what is used to refer to segment of code that are rearranged within a single object program unit
11.assembler that can make as many passes as are needed to process the definition of symbols
13.what does R denotes in R LIST A ENDA LISTB ENDB
14.reserve the indicated number of bytes for a data area
15.it includes the name and value of the label in source program
2.sharing of the machine between the program is known as__________
3.whereever single operand is permitted,the assembler will allow it.what is it?
4.the addressing which is indicated by adding prefix '#' to the operand
5.the addressing which is indicated by adding prefix '@' to the operand
10.assembler in which the forward reference is being a problem
12.specify name and starting address for the program

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