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The Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

Samantha Castaneda Period.2

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  9                   10

2.Trying to make a miracle by ________.
4.When you're the main one in a group your often the __________ of that particular group.
7.My dad caught a fish with a _____ hook.
9.Order was restored to the court after the judge put a stop to the defendant's ______ outburst.
12.She ______ chocolate to lose weight.
14.The museum had an _______ frame next to the entrance.
1._______ is a problem when it comes to presenting a project.
2.I listened to his explanation with an ______ face and assumed he was lying.
3.The clouds were covering the mountains _______.
5.She could only ______ about her friends motives.
6.The ______ of the attack was horrifying.
8.The _______ of the United States has a large amount of power .
10.We were ______ on an island for days.
11.The leader has a lot of _______ .
13.I have a big _____ so I will not to give up easily.

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