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The Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

Byrydyana Bojorquez Period 2

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1.The kid was so mad that he started being ______ to anyone near him by saying mean things and slamming people into objects.
3.Around a prison, jail, or a high security office it is usually surrounded by _____ wire so that they won't escape.
5.The dog was looking around for something and started moving its ________ on the floor trying to catch the smell of what he was looking for.
8.In Home Alone, the little boy was ______ in his own house because his family left him there alone.
10.People that play sports have to ________ a lot of things like having spare time, sleeping, and the things that they eat.
12.Some people say that our president shows great _________ with how he runs our country.
13.After he got his diploma for graduating he had __________ for himself because he was proud of himself for being the first on in his family to graduate.
14.There are many _____ in museums of artists best work.
2.Her kidnapper liked to _____ her by hitting her everyday and not feeding her.
4.The girl was so _______ that no one noticed her because she was always alone.
5._______ ________ was a psychologist.
6.Before there were civilized people on the planet, there were cavemen and cavewomen that acted very ______ because they did what they wanted to do.
7.On newborn babies, they have an ___ bracelet so that no one can take the baby away.
9.After the crash she _____ about all the damage that she had to pay for but could not afford.
11.When they were caught sneaking out in the middle of the night, the kids didn’t want to get in trouble and the brother couldn’t think of a lie to tell, so the other brother _________ and said that they thought they heard someone making a lot of noise outside.

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