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Lord of the Flies vocab Puzzle

Ellie Chandler Period 5

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1.The dog's _________ was pointed up and was sniffing the air for a smell.
3.When cutting roses off the vine there are ___________ which tend to poke me making it hard to cut.
6.The boy's large _______ caused other kids to resent him as he always talked endlessly about himself.
8.When i realized my mom had ____________ me at the gym, I called and reminded her to come get me.
9.My new pair of shoes were so __________ you couldn't see any marks of dirt on them.
10.I was going to yell at my mom but my ______, that little voice inside my head, kept me from doing so.
11.Without all our new __________ people would not be able to do a lot because we rely on our phones and computers.
2.The rope tied from the dock to the boat was not ___________ and the boat started to drift away.
4.A group of boys at my school are ______________ towards the adults and teachers; they refuse to listen to any of them.
5.When i walked into my room on my birthday it was ___________ with balloons and streamers.
7.After my dog got into the trash bag we were in an ________ with her behavior.

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