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Empresarios and Filibusters

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4.Measure and record the certain features of a specific area of land
6.successful empresario from Missouri. Brought over 400 families into Texas.
7.He was the first to secure permission from Spain to bring American settlers into Texas.
11.The most successful empresario.
15.Austin received 100,000 acres of land for his services as an _____________.
16.Is the movement of people into another country or region to which they are not native in order to settle there.
17.Pledge loyalty to a specific cause or country
1.First empresario that received permission from Spain to bring American settlers into Texas.
2.successful empresario that was native to Mexico. He received permission to bring Mexican settlers into Texas.
3.New settlers were required to pledge an oath of ______________ to the Spanish government.
4.After his father died he took his place in the effort to bring American settlers to Texas.
5.Person who brought settlers to Texas by offering them land. They had permission first from the Spanish and then from Mexico
8.Stephen F. Austin explored Texas and determined the region between the Colorado River and the Brazos was a good place for a colony (East Texas). What region was this? (Great Plains, Coastal Plains, Central Plains, or Mountains and Basins)
9.He captured wild horses and would sell them in the United States. First Filibuster.
10.Son of Moses Austin. Got permission from Mexico to bring the first 300 American families to Texas (Old 300)
12.People who entered Spanish land(Texas) to gain land and power. They were breaking the law
13.Brought over by Stephen F. Austin. The first Americans to settle in Texas, they had the opportunity to select the best land.
14.What did Moses Austin get ill and die of?

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