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Fizzy Rock and Adventure Landscapes

1 2 3 4
5 6                     7  
9           10      
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      23                   24      
  26   27 28      
30                     31          
34             35 36  
38   39          

6.Where surface water enters the ground
8.A cave formation growing upwards from the ground.
9.The key agent in eroding limestone
12.Water cannot drain through
13.Water can drain through
15.Water can drain through
17.The variety of life in a particular environment
20.Mountain range made of limestone
23.The climate of a very small area
29.A major karst based tourist attraction
30.an era that extends from the present to 65 mya
31.The percentage of the earth’s surface covered by limestone
32.A very large cave chamber
34.A state with a sinking feeling
37.The study of the relationship between organisms and their environment
39.A circular hollow or sinkhole
40.A form of calcium carbonate that is the main mineral from which cave formations are made.
41.A thin hollow stalactite
1.A natural chamber that leads or is below the earth’s surface
2.Many died after falling into caves
3.Water seeps through soil and rock
4.The scientific study of caves and cave life
5.A vertical cave
7.Helps dissolve limestone
10.Cave formations such as stalactites
11.Acid formed when CO² is added to rainwater
14.A long thin cave formation hanging from the roof, usually made from calcite
16.Not aero but…. It separates one layer of sedimentary rock from another
18.From the present to 10000 years ago
19.A cave system in the South Island
21.A sedimentary rock with a calcium carbonate content of no less than 50%
24.The features of the earth’s surface
25.Descend down a rope
26.Traps prey with its tail light
27.A cave dwelling insect
28.Furrows eroded by water on limestone, fluting
33.A huge cave system
35.The study of the origin, composition and structure of the earth
36.Fractures or breaks in the rock
38.A descriptive term for typical limestone landscapes.

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