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1 2 3
4                 5
14           15
  16 17              

4.The plant that Ishmael and his brother eat when they are sleeping in abondoned billages.
6.The village in which Ishmael's grandmother lived.
8.The home country of Ishmael
9.The city that Ishmael goes to, to stay with his Uncle Tommy.
10.Something that almost every villager lost when the rebels started the attacks around Sierra Leone.
11.The kind of skills that Ishmael and the five other boys he is traveling with have to learn.
12.The age of Ishmael when he discovered rap music.
14.The genre of music that Ishmael and his friends took a strong interest in before their village got attacked.
17.Ishmael's hometown.
18.The name of Ishmaels's older brother.
1.The name of the boy who is Ishmael's firned that has the gun pointed at him first in the boys' first confrontation with the rebels.
2.Esther gave this to Ishmael, and it made him change his mind about her.
3.One of the American films that the young soldiers watched to get killing installed into their minds.
5.The acronym for the organization that saves Ishmael.
7.21. The method that was most commonly used in African civil wars to make soldiers out of young boys.
10.The age of Ishmael when he moved to America.
11.The water formation that Ishmael and his friends cross to escape the rebels many times.
13.The name of the city in which the six boys farm.
14.The acronym that is used to identify the Freedom Fighters or rebels.
15.This is what Ishmael needed and what he returned to Mattru-Jong for the first time.
16.The way that the rebels marked the young boys as being a part of their group.

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