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Review of Digital Literacy

Kylie and Rebecca

Review of digital literacy unit

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1.A device or program that allows you to copy data over
5.A screen display is an example of this.
7.A device or program that allows you to project sound.
8.Computer memory that is used while the computer is still on.
9.Objects in a computer that you can touch. (eg. keyboards, mouses, printers)
10.The tool that reads and writes data on a hard disk.
12.A type of malware.
13.This drive is used to handout assignments.
14.Your own personal drive, for your use only.
2.The main circuit board of a computer
3.The brains of the computer
4.Keyboards, mouses and webcams are all a form of this.
6.The CPU is used for processing and this other function.
7.Instructions or data within the computer.
11.This drive is used for handing things in.

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