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Digital Literacy

Spencer and Thomas

Review on digital leteracy

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1.Where you get hand outs.
4.A device or program that allows a computer to send data over.
6.A global network connecting millions of computers .
7.Universal Serial Bus
11.A small computer designed for individual use.
12.Digital Video Drive.
13.Read Only Memory.
14.Random Access Memory.
16.Where all your saved files are stored.
19.A frame work of networks.
20.A font used in computers.
21.Brains of the computer.
1.A storage unit from which data is seen and to is written by lasers.
2.The main circuit board of a computer.
3.A board that connects to a computer to give it display also know as a graphics card.
5.A network belonging to an organization in which only people in the organization can use it.
8.Allows computers to send sound to speakers connected to a sound board.
9.A group of internet servers.
10.Anything that can be stored through electronics.
15.Where you put your finished document.
17.A group of 2 or more computers makes up a network.
18.Copy files to a another storage device as a precaution in case the first storage fails

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