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Digital literacy

Juan & Owen

Review of digital literacy unit

5 6            
7 8        

2.What do we call all the information we put into a pc?
3.do you remember? what holds all of your folders and files? What remembers all the hard work you do on your pc?
6.where do we put all of our information on a computer?
8.I live in your bag, your car and your desk top & PC I am very small but my capacity for storage is very tall
9.what do you call the shell of a computer?
10.This part of your computer contains the most basic of information but is very essential for your PC (2 Words)
1.Mac OS & Microsoft OS are just a few, Can you come up with the name of what runs your computer and all of its applications? (2 Words)
4.Any time and all the time, this part of your computer is a guaranteed storage for all your information. what is it?
5.What goes in must come out, what goes sup must come down. What do we call the opposite of the answer above?
7.I can handle lot and but I am fairly small, I look like a basic shape and I resemble a 2D ball (2 Words)

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