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Digital Literacy

Ryan and Daniel

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1.Adds graphics processing power to assist your CPU and get better performance (2 Words)
5.See everything that you are do
8.The fastest way to store all your files (3 Words)
9.The brains of the computer
11.Lets you input data into the computer by pressing buttons
12.Physical Components of the computer
15.data is taken from these and sent to the computer
16.Play CD's and DVD's with this (2 Words)
17.Data is taken from the computer and sent to the
19.Inputs data when you move it around and click
2.Everything is in here (2 Words)
3.Stores important files for currently running programs
4.Distributes the proper amount of electricity to all the hardware (3 Words)
6.Glues everything together with wires
7.Stores everything whether you are using it or not (2 Words)
10.The OS and software
13.The most popular computer OS
14.Puts documents onto paper
18.You can't change this without knowing what you are doing and special software

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