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1.the secretion of milk by the mamary gland
6.an unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of developement
11.the age of the embryo counting from the time of fertilization (2 Words)
12.the fluid surrounding a fetus within the Amnion (2 Words)
2.the action of implanting or state of being implanted.
3.A flexible cord like structure containing blood vessels and attatching a human or other mammalian fetus to the placenta during gestation (2 Words)
4.a period of three months
5.an infant born weighing less than 5.5 ponds (2500 grams) (3 Words)
7.the process of carrying or being carried in the womb between conception and birth
8.the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth.
9.the young of an animal in the womb or egg
10.a flattened circular organ in the uterus of a pregnant eutherian mammals, nourishing and maintaining the fetus through the umbilical cord

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