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Final Exam 2013

Todd Brooks

1 2
  3   4          
5 6                     7  

3.A leader who arises within a work group without having formal authority in the organization
6.A leader who guides or motivates employees in the direction of established goals
9.Communication that moves in any direction and skips authority levels
10.Two or more individuals interacting interdependently to achieve a particular objective
11.The moment when all one's prior efforts successfully come together
12.A receiver's translation of a sender's message
1.A person who purposely present arguments that run counter to those proposed by the majority
2.A type of performance evaluation error in which the most current behaviours influence the evaluation
4.A type of feedback that is provided by an outside source
5.The process of turning a creative idea into a useful product
7.A leader who is characterized as a taskmaster
8.A process in which two or more parties who have different preferences come together to reach an agreement

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