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Photo History

Barb Albanese

This puzzle cover photo history lectures from Aristotle to Alfred Stieglitz.

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4.The projector that was used to view early cinematic movies
5.The very first negatives were made of this kind of plate
6.Camera obscura means "dark _______".
8.This wet process involved silver halides and a gelatin base
10.His multiple exposures of animal movements led to early cinema 1872
17.The Eastman Kodak Company was located here in New York state
18._________________ Da'Vinci designed the first outhouse-sized camera obscura
21.Was commissioned by JP Morgan to document the Native Americans 1906
23.Now this metal plate was used to print multiple images of soldiers or business people
24.City where Edward Curtis originally had a portrait studio
25.Photographed the Civil War and died penniless 1865
26.Invented the wet collodian process, which led to gelatin emulsion 1848
1.Ventured to the wild West with Hayden to explore new territory and began the photographed the first national park1872
2.Philosophized on why an image of the eclispe was reversed and inverted 343 bce
3.This NYC photo group believed in the truth, studying light and new subjects
7.Stieglitz was born in this city in New Jersey
9.Made soft focus photographs using children and friends in special scenes 1870
11.Frenchman who produced a glass plate negative that was also a positive 1844
12.Opened a gallery at 291 Fifth Avenue in New York City 1905
13.Where Stieglitz studied photo and chemistry in his younger years
14.Worked with Daguerre and produced the world's oldest surviving photo 1825
15.This was added to the camera obscura to make the image brighter and sharper
16.____________ O'Keeffe was married to Alfred Stieglitz
19.Created the Kodak Brownie camera 1926
20.Artist/painter who over-utilized the camera obscura
22.Produced the calotype and worked with photograms and contact printing 1839

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