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Mentor Chapters 1-10


This puzzle is based on the first 10 chapters of Mentor: The CEO and the Kid.

1 2
3       4   5
    6           7      
8             9      
11         12
13   14    
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  21 22            
26       27            
29       30

3.former inmate who joins the outsider visiting the jail
6.Lake _____
7.90 _____ to wait
8.A _____ is more than a teacher but helps someone develop their life.
9.name of narrator's best friend who he got into trouble with
10.Walter ______, assisted the author in writing book
11.The judge warns the narrator that there will not be a ____ chance
14.The Kid and the _____
15.______________ County jail
18.what separates winners from losers
20.last time the narrator was in jail (two words, no space)
22.outsider who 'speaks' to the inmates at group
23.After reading the book the third time, when the narrator spoke to the outsider he felt ____
24.narrator's original crime
25.Chapter 5--A ____ Book
26.age of narrator
28.how long his first sentence was before it was suspended (two words, no space)
29.where the narrator must stay for ninety days
31."People need to ____ so that they can learn from history and famous people."
32.number of hours the narrator had from being released to meeting Malcolm
1.the narrator is asked to make a ______ list
2.The Greatest _____ in the World
3.what the narrator and his friend ran out of
4.not a misdemeanor but a ______
5.Tom _____
9.Chapter 2--Back in _____
10.name of chapter 10
12.jail sandals are made of this material
13.also treated like a criminal when he/she had to go through a metal detector
16._____ sandwich
17.chief____ officer
19.name of in mane who 'gets what he wants'
21.who convinced narrator to start reading the book
25.item stolen from convenience store
27.name of narrator
30.narrator wondered if he would ever ____ again without an audience

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